Please Note: The selection of finishes above should be taken as a guide, to keep the list simple, every light style will have their own version of Gold or Ivory etc! Many styles have a choice of finish which may not be shown above.

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Fisherman's Pendant Lights

Nautical style for your home: ceiling mounted pendant fisherman's lights

Our fisherman's pendant lights are ceiling-mounted nautical lighting. A glass bowl covers the lamp holder and bulb, and gives fisherman's pendants their character. Our traditional fisherman's lights have brass screws securing the light shade. Available in three sizes, the right style of fisherman's pendant light for you will depend on the intended location and how much light you need. Made in the UK, and ideal for coastal homes or nautical decor. We also carry beautiful Italian versions of the fisherman's pendant lantern made from solid brassTraditional fisherman's pendant lights in cream are often in stock, while coloured versions are made to order. Please allow up to 14–21 working days for delivery.

We offer standard, large and extra large lamps; this ensures we can offer you a large or small fisherman's pendant lamp, whatever you need to suit your needs. Finding the fisherman's pendant ceiling light for you is straightforward and affordable when you shop at Fields of Blue. Our fisherman's pendant lights qualify for a discount when buying 3 or more units.

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Large Fisherman's Pendant Lights

Large Fisherman's Pendant Lights£79.00  -  £89.00  (1)

Standard Fisherman's Pendant Lights

Standard Fisherman's Pendant Lights£69.00   £62.00  (1)

Large Harbour Light - Choice of 8 Colours

Large Harbour Light - Choice of 8 Colours£84.00   £77.00

Italian Design Fisherman's Pendant Light

Italian Design Fisherman's Pendant Light£202.40  -  £231.24

Polished Chrome Fisherman's Pendant Light Italian Design

Polished Chrome Fisherman's Pendant Light Italian Design£240.35  -  £290.88  (1)

Replacement Fisherman's Lamp Glass

Replacement Fisherman's Lamp Glass£18.00  -  £29.00  (2)

Porto Portorotondo Nautical Ceiling Light

Porto Portorotondo Nautical Ceiling Light£393.72  -  £423.38

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Made in the UK

We think it is important to support British Manufacturers. Constructed by hand, these fisherman's lights are made in the UK. They have a distinctive powder coated finish. (This is often called enamel, although this process produces a better finish).

Making these pendant lights by hand does take time. We estimate 14-21 working days but may take a little longer depending how busy the factory is at any time. We and the factory work to get lights out as soon as possible. It is not in our interest to take longer than necessary. Rather, we strive to produce a stylish item that represents a quality product, as opposed to a cheaper lightweight import.

Why does making our fisherman's pendant lights take this time?

All our fisherman's pendant lights are hand made, not mass produced. The body and associated parts are all hand turned from aluminium. Any necessary drilling and forming is done at this stage. The lights are then assembled, cleaned and then go to the paint process. The simple explanation (but it is a bit more involved!) is the fisherman's light is sprayed with a special powder paint. It's then baked in an oven which 'melts' the powder giving an even finish; the process can take several hours.

Given the size and expense of these ovens and spray booths, only one colour can be used at a time. This takes time to clean before a change of colour, so it is reasonable for the factory to organise same colour batches together. This can delay the process by a few days depending on what batches are going through the factory at any time.

Once painted, the lights are then go to the electric fitting shop. They are wired by hand, assembled, and then go for final testing. Each light has an initialled proof they have been electrically tested before leaving the factory. The finished fisherman's pendant lamp is then wrapped, packed and sent to us.

Your patience will be rewarded: whether your fisherman's lights are for the ceiling in the kitchen, lounge or hallway, they will be stunning and unique.

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